Accident Compensation (PHOTOGRAPHS AT QUAD CENTRE 1979-1982)

A Description of my Accident See Chapter 1 of my trip journal.

Follow up After Quadriplegia

I enclose my own  witness proof for interest of spinal injured people facing a court case.  Since

completing my own in 1982 I have interviewed and prepared some twenty similar documents for other spinally

injured people.


Interview with Peter Barrett who witnessed Don's accident. Photos taken before and after.

Interview with Don's Sister, Margaret Richmond Jan., 2006 on Don's Sixtieth Birthday

Curtis, Don's nephew, made this video as a part of a school project, interviewing Don's sister, Margaret Richmond, about Don's early life and the impact of his accident and quadriplegia, in 1978. Curtis asks about Don's parents, Ernie and Hazel Pugh, and their views on raising children, Margaret, Don and George and the effects of quadriplegia on Don..


1984 Legal Resource Booklet.pdf

1 .1 Introduction

When a person suffers a traumatic injury such as a broken neck or a broken-back, there is a state of complete dependence . Not only is the disabled person dependent physically on the doctors, nurses and orderlies in the hospital but also there is dependence on other professional services including those of solicitors . Normally, following an accident a solicitor is employed within a few days or weeks . , One of the problems facing the disabled person is how to chose the best solicitor who will maximise the accident claim . Equally difficult is the monitoring process, evaluating your solicitor to ensure that your case is receiving the best possible attention from an informed expert. Here are some invaluable recommendations for choosing an effective solicitor for your needs and for monitoring his progress in an informed manner .

1 .2 Choosing The Best Solicitor

In choosing a suitable practitioner to conduct your legal process it is obviously important to choose a solicitor who has had reasonable experience in the accident litigation field . The field is a specialist area and is only conducted in Western Australia by probably three or four experienced lawyers and by one or two known Queen's Councils . The West Australian Law Society will provide a list of practitioners who act in this field generally, by writing or telephoning Neil Roberts, the plaintiff officer . The disabled person must ascertain that the solicitors who do accident claims_ are not also working for the Motor Vehicle Insurance Trust . Many solicitors who act for the disabled person also act for the opposite side . Despite what these solicitors might say, common sense firmly indicates that these professionals  would be wary of attempting to maximise a disabled person's claim . These solicitors know that the the Motor Vehicle Insurance Trust is responsible for paying the disabled person's claim. There may be some conflict of interest since these solicitors are being well paid to act in a number of other cases where their sole purpose is to reduce the damages .In spite of their statement that they are prepared to be objective about your case, the majority of their cases are in defence of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Trust . Their professional mentality is to minimise the disabled person's judgment . They are often...Please see PDF booklet